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Garmin finally starts (feebly) communicating about the outage. On a communication front, Garmin really screwed the pooch on this one. Having customers in the dark for this long is not the greatest thing.

Tonight's movie was The Invisible Man (2020). Excellent film. Elisabeth Moss is fantastic in this film. The camera work and sound design was particularly well-done.

The weekend is probably ruined for a bunch of Garmin employees as they try to get services back online. This has got to be pretty serious if the service has been down this long. I doubt we'll get it, but I'd be curious to see what happened and how Garmin plans to keep this from happening again... A proper RCA.

I noticed the drive activity light on my PC lit up constantly. After looking, I found that Microsoft To Do was writing 15MBps without stopping to my SSD. Looking around, I found that it's because pfBlockerNG was blocking the domain I have unblocked it, but I hope Microsoft fixes this. A blocked domain shouldn't cause an app to go crazy writing to a disk.

Garmin Connect has been down for more than 24 hours. 😭

But, the nice thing is that for sport activities, there's still a way to upload them to Smashrun and/or Strava!

Halo Infinite. Yes, the graphics were less "wow" and more "that's fine, I guess". And the Warthog sounded like it had a Toyota Prius Hybrid engine in it. But, I'm still looking forward to this game.

"It's naive to think that horrible things that we can't understand have simple explanations, because simple explanations make us feel like we have control, and we don't." -President Roslin, Battlestar Galactica

Facebook employees are starting to realize they're working for an evil organization that's actively harming humanity.

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