Tonight's movie was Archive (2020).

This was an interesting film that borrows from one of my favorite films that deals with love, loss and death.

Per the terms of the multi-year deal announced this week, however, Universal will grant AMC theatrical exclusivity for a period of “at least three weekends,” or 17 days, before it has the option to make its films available on premium video on demand platforms.

Tonight's movie was The Invisible Man (2020). Excellent film. Elisabeth Moss is fantastic in this film. The camera work and sound design was particularly well-done.

Films like Nolan’s Tenet or Disney’s Star Wars or MCU films at this point seem like a relic from a movie-going past that may never fully return.

Would you return to theaters to see a summer blockbuster film? Even if the theaters reopen in limited capacity? Should studios release films digitally?

This month's Family Movie Night film was Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Fun film because of its quirky and lovable characters.

Tonight's movie was Sea Fever (2019). It's a good film that blends sci-fi, horror, monster flick and allegory about our current pandemic.

Tonight's movie was Palm Springs (2020). It was a charming, light and fun movie. The less you know about it going into a viewing, the better.

Less of a review, but more of my thoughts and observations about Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker.

Did you know the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels is in the movie?

Tonight's movie was Greyhound (2020), streamed on Apple TV+. It was an intense, entertaining, yet ultimately forgettable film. I do recommend it though for the roughly 75 minutes of intense naval battles that make up the bulk of the film.

Yay! Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is now streaming on Disney+. I liked this Star Wars film, it was fun.

The Rhythm Section (2020) was able to disappointment me -- even after I came into the screening with extra low expectations.

Full write up:

The plan tonight is to watch The Rhythm Section (2020) starring Blake Lively. I got this as $5 iTunes purchase when it was on sale. Expectations are low based on reviews of the movie.

Right now my Cinemark Movie Club subscription is on automatic suspension (Cinemark suspended all accounts when the shelter-in-place started). But, I don't see myself going back to the cinema anytime the rest of this year. I should cancel my subscription soon.

Do you see yourself going to the cinema this year when they slowly start opening again?

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