Well... I finished 6 Underground (2019)...

6 Underground is Michael Bay making a parody of a Michael Bay film.


Tonight's movie was The Old Guard (2020).

The Old Guard is a kind of action film that is so sure of itself that it is unafraid to slow down. And for that, I really liked the film and enjoyed every minute of it.


I just finished episode 1 of Harley Quinn season 1 and I am pleasantly surprised by the show! It is a riot, a bit gory and super entertaining. It is DC’s Deadpool.


Tonight's movie was Speed Racer (2008).

This is the closest thing to a live action cartoon that I have ever experienced.


Mulan coming to Disney Plus in September for $30 on top of the monthly fee for Disney Plus. That is a bit steep. I want to see this movie, but I can wait for 4K Blu-ray with this kind of pricing (4K Blu-rays are usually $30 to buy and come with a digital copy of the film to stream).


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